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BlarghPad returns

121112_1921_BlarghPadre1.pngBlarghPad is back as a Windows Store app. I can’t honestly say the words “new and improved”, because it would be like comparing apples to oranges; but it certainly has features that are new compared to its old incarnation. I made this release for the faithful supporters of the old version (Thanks Jon F.—there may have been others also). Over time, if I have the time and inclination, new features may spring into existence, and updates will show up in the store also.

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Powerful sneeze

I sneezed while standing at the bus stop this morning. Apparently it was a powerful one, because the metal clasp on my shoulder strap broke. So, on the list of odd emotions, it was somehow a combination of amused and stunned, with a dash of annoyed for the inconvenience of it all.

A bag with a broken shoulder strap
A broken clasp

Why make a new blog?

There were a few reasons contributing to the decision to start over completely.  The old one had languished, untouched, for so long, that it seemed silly, at this point, to simply write new articles or posts for it.  Additionally, I had the idea that it might be nice to form a joint blog where both Bonnie and I could write and share the same space.

While these first two ideas existed, the catalyst for actually doing it was that I now have a shiny new Windows Azure space; and since I have that, I now have an opportunity to save a bit of money by moving all my web-hosted stuff over to it.  So, given the various articles and resources that document the process, I decided to try it out.

For the record, there are a few different articles that outline how to accomplish this, but this one seemed the best written of the ones I found: “WordPress on Windows Azure: Single-Site Deployment.”  It”s worth a read if it interests you at all.  Note that the steps about the “FileSystemDurabilityPlugin” are no longer necessary; it was removed from the scaffolder.  That tripped me up for a bit, until I found this section on an article on the AzurePHP website.

Update: For those that might be interested, it doesn”t quite work out of the box.  One small tweak is required to get it to work properly.