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Random Award

While trying to do some maintenance in my email today, I discovered that I magically had access to my webmail inbox again.  It had previously been blocked from working because of a weird account mixup that most people will likely not run into involving my Microsoft account and my O365 account.  At any rate, I (sort of) accidentally got into it today and discovered a funny email informing me that BlarghPad had been awarded some editor’s choice award.  See here if you are bold:  It is clearly not a completely legit review site; but I was amused nonetheless.  Not every app on the site (which probably just web crawls the Windows Store at random) has an Editor’s Choice award. 🙂

Powerful sneeze

I sneezed while standing at the bus stop this morning. Apparently it was a powerful one, because the metal clasp on my shoulder strap broke. So, on the list of odd emotions, it was somehow a combination of amused and stunned, with a dash of annoyed for the inconvenience of it all.

A bag with a broken shoulder strap
A broken clasp