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Chopped Greek Salad with Chicken

Yesterday, I opened my email to see a typical note from Eating Well. Usually, I glance at the good looking food, but never actually make it – the recipe reviews are always 3 stars or less. This time was different, I was drawn to the website for Chopped Greek Salad with Chicken – it looked so good! (Salad Recipe) Once at the website, I was amazed to see that the recipe had twenty-seven 5 star reviews! I checked out the ingredients – I had most, and could buy the rest. I was hooked.

When making this for dinner, I only strayed from the original recipe by leaving the cucumber peels on (they’re good for you), and using a mix of balsamic vinegar and rice vinegar (I did not have Red-Wine Vinegar). The salad turned out wonderfully! The ingredients mixed nicely together – the creaminess of the cheese, the crunch of the cucumbers, the tartness of the dressing – mmmm!

As a side note, make sure to eat all of the salad the first day. By Day 2, most of the liquid has drained to the bottom of your bowl, making a sad salad.