BlarghPad returns

121112_1921_BlarghPadre1.pngBlarghPad is back as a Windows Store app. I can’t honestly say the words “new and improved”, because it would be like comparing apples to oranges; but it certainly has features that are new compared to its old incarnation. I made this release for the faithful supporters of the old version (Thanks Jon F.—there may have been others also). Over time, if I have the time and inclination, new features may spring into existence, and updates will show up in the store also.

Visit the info page

Get BlarghPad from the Windows Store

2 thoughts on “BlarghPad returns”

    1. Cool. 🙂 I”ll most likely add features eventually also. (Though I have a couple more projects in the pipe right now.)

      PS. Sorry I didn”t notice this comment until now–it can”t email me when comments come in, because SMTP isn”t enabled from the cloud, for spam prevention reasons.

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