Scintillator, a new particle tool

In small increments of free time, I’ve been building another new engine, this time based natively in DirectX 11, targeting native WinRT for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.  In the process, I’ve found that I need yet another tool to help me make particle effects (ever one of the best bang-for-buck programmer art solutions); and to that end, I’ve decided to make a tool out of the state of my engine thus far, with a WinRT XAML interface on top, and release it to the app store.  It’s a work in progress, and will obtain more features as needed and as I have time to work on them, but I wanted to at least get it to a state where I could release something.  Now that that hurdle is overcome, updates may come more frequently for it.

Visit the info page

Get Scintillator from the Windows Store

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