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A Good Husband

I LOVE boneless buffalo wings (BBW’s)!  To give you an idea of just how much I love BBW’s, here’s an example: when I was 16 to maybe 20, my friends and I would go out to Applebee’s and get their b1g1 appetizers. Generally, there were 4 of us, so if we were hungry, we’d get 4 appetizers and share. I usually ate most of the BBW’s. If I wanted to, I could eat a whole basket myself (healthy, I know). These days, I could still do this, but I’m cheap and somewhat healthier.

This weekend, as Peter was contemplating what to make for dinner (he cooks on Saturdays – yes, I am blessed), I told him I wanted something “unhealthy”. Something like chili cheese fries, a chili cheese dog, or boneless buffalo wings. After some deducing, we decided upon the BBW’s. Peter used 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, then breaded them with half of Jeff Mauro’s breading recipe (here) and baked them. (Making “unhealthy” things at home allows you to make them healthier.)


Finished and Baked
Finished and Baked

After baking, he sauced them with some Frank’s Buffalo Sauce. With a side of blue cheese dressing, they were AMAZING!!


Sauced and plated
Sauced and plated

And yes, he is a good great husband!

Chopped Greek Salad with Chicken

Yesterday, I opened my email to see a typical note from Eating Well. Usually, I glance at the good looking food, but never actually make it – the recipe reviews are always 3 stars or less. This time was different, I was drawn to the website for Chopped Greek Salad with Chicken – it looked so good! (Salad Recipe) Once at the website, I was amazed to see that the recipe had twenty-seven 5 star reviews! I checked out the ingredients – I had most, and could buy the rest. I was hooked.

When making this for dinner, I only strayed from the original recipe by leaving the cucumber peels on (they’re good for you), and using a mix of balsamic vinegar and rice vinegar (I did not have Red-Wine Vinegar). The salad turned out wonderfully! The ingredients mixed nicely together – the creaminess of the cheese, the crunch of the cucumbers, the tartness of the dressing – mmmm!

As a side note, make sure to eat all of the salad the first day. By Day 2, most of the liquid has drained to the bottom of your bowl, making a sad salad.