Two new PCBs

Revision A PCB for AVR keyboard toy

I finally wrapped up layout on the first hardware revision for the AVR keyboard toy project and ordered a small batch of them from OSH Park.

Along the way, I decided to quickly finish up my Raspberry Pi ISP tool so that I can use that to program the microcontrollers on these boards when they are ready, because currently, it is not so convenient to do that.  The curious can also find this board shared on OSH Park.

Raspberry Pi ISP tool: an AVR ISP helper and GPIO breakout board.

Besides the ISP header that allows you to use a standard 6-pin IDC cable to program your boards, it has a few other goodies too, since I thought they might come in handy: UART, I2C and the full SPI bus are all also there.

The firmware is not quite finished for the keyboard toy, but at least I can start building the device now once the boards arrive.

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